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Pedalling For A Second Year…

debbie mclatch

debbie mclatch I first experienced the perils of cancer aged 10 when a school friend of mine died from it. I later experienced my best friend die of a brain tumour at the age of 28, seeing her two young children touch her coffin was heartbreaking.

Since then, I have experienced both positive and terminal outcomes. More latterly, my father has successfully overcome prostate cancer and remains in remission; my cousin, sadly, lost his battle.

I have supported the Ark Cancer Centre for many years through my business, Rotary connections and promoted the Jane Austen bench trail. I bought a bench myself and this remains on public display.

Two years ago I helped see the Ark Riders off from Basingstoke and then met them in Paris as they reached the Arc to help celebrate their success.

I was so inspired by this group that I promised I would join them and last year, I bought a bike and learnt to ride it on the Bournemouth Beano ride.

It falsely persuaded me that I might be a rider and so I have misguidedly signed up for the Twin Tours. As we are going through the towns that are twinned with Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council, my employee, I hope to raise the awareness of this fine charity abroad.

That’s life, c’est la vie, dat is het leven, das ist das Leben (English/French-Belgium/Dutch/German)

You can support Debbie with her fundraising online here.