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Camrose Centre

Our Charity Partner for 2022

As well as raising money for Ark Cancer Centre Charity, we are using 2022 to raise money for a local charity that helps over 500 people a year who are going through a tough time with housing – homeless men and women.

The Camrose Centre is at the front line in helping homeless men and women in the borough of Basingstoke and Deane for up to four hours, three days a week, all year round.

In addition, they also welcome vulnerably housed and socially excluded people for two days a week.

Working with other agencies in the borough, that form the Social Inclusion Partnership, they help people make life-changing decisions to improve their lives.

The Camrose Centre provides hot food, showers, clothing, takeaway snacks and, most important of all, a sympathetic and non-judgemental listening ear, offering advice when asked for.


To do all this, they have an incredible team of around 30 client-facing part-time staff and volunteers who work out of a hired building near St Michael’s Church, Glebe Hall. However, your support is needed to enable these lovely people to make their time and effort worthwhile and keep a roof over their heads!

Every day they open costs £400, and every donation makes a difference. For instance:

Whilst the generous people of the town continue to help with time and donations of food and clothes, we are looking at the cash side of the charity and are aiming to raise in the region of £10,000, which will have a huge impact on this charity that helps people when they most need it – people who live in the same few square miles as many of our riders.

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