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Delivery For Camrose Centre

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As part of our drive to raise money AND awareness for Camrose Centre in Basingstoke, this afternoon, Perry and Anna from our organising team popped down to see Clare (Centre Manager) and the gang to drop off some food supplies.

ark delivery to Camrose Centre

Following a recent chat with Clare about the best things to buy for the coming winter months, Perry and Craig popped up to the Cash And Carry last week to do their supermarket sweep.

Although Dale Winton would not have been impressed with the shopping expedition, the supplies hit the mark for the team and will be used to create warm meals on-site. Some of the smaller items will also be used for packs that people can take away.

It’s always somewhat humbling to visit the places we support. While our rides are fun and full of laughs, this is the business end of why we do it and always a very good reminder.

So, as you crank up the central heating moaning that your gas bill might go up, it’s worth wondering what else we can all do to help those who don’t have a dial on their wall… or a wall for that matter.

Food Donations

If you would like to buy and drop of some food to The Camrose Centre and are unsure of what to get, the team have a handy list on their website.

Why not check it out because as the largest UK supermarket likes to remind us… Every Little Helps.