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Back In the Game – Bath and Back 2022

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In late 2019, we decided to use 2020 for one of our shorter, more accessible rides and split our fundraising to help other local charities. Then Covid hit, and the rest you can guess.

But we’re back for 2022, and we have work to do. A lot of charities have taken a battering over the past two years, so now, more than ever, we need to get stuck in.

So, we’ve resurrected the Bath and Back ride for June 2022 to help raise money for Ark Cancer Centre Charity and The Camrose Centre.

Bath and Back 2022

Arkriders - Bath and Back 2022

Ark Cancer Centre Charity Update

In Basingstoke, there has been a lot of talk about a new hospital for a number of years. This uncertainty has obviously affected the building of The Ark Cancer Centre and where it will go. But, rather than wait, the excellent work the charity was designed for has already been put into place.

As well as an extension of space within the current Basingstoke Hospital grounds, with the new Wellbeing Centre, supplementary services are now being offered to cancer patients on-site. This makes their challenging journies through treatment much more bearable, with services right next to each other.

Cancer Wellbeing Centre Basingstoke
Arkrider committee members recently met up with driving force of Ark Cancer Centre, Merv Rees OBE at the new centre.