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How Things Have Change In Just Two Years

Lionel Eales

Lionel EalesTwo years ago I signed up to ride for the ark centre to Paris. I didn’t have a bike, hadn’t done any cycling since I gave up my paper round and had no idea what I was letting myself in for.

To be honest the ride was brilliant for me. I loved it and managed to raise a bit of money for the charity too.

Back then no one in my family had suffered from this terrible disease, but how things have changed over the last two years.

My Dad, brother, and most recently and seriously, my sister in law have all been diagnosed with different types of cancer.

It’s coming for all of us so where as last time the ride was more a bit of fun for me, it feels much more important and relevant now.

I’ve lived and worked in Basingstoke for over 30 years. There’s been plenty of changes since we moved here and I can safely say I love being part of the community. The Ark Centre will make a massive difference to that community so I hope you’ll give generously to support me in my challenge and with your support we’ll get a world class cancer treatment for Basingstoke.

You can support Lionel’s fundraising here and sponsor him here.