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One Challenge For One Reason…

steff beattie

453 miles. 5 countries. 5 days. Two twinned towns. One stupid challenge! One easy reason…

Steph Beattie

I’m embarking on this ridiculous challenge because the Ark Cancer Centre will help my loved ones, my friends’ loved ones, hell – even myself one day (if that happens I’m hoping for a suite!)! Joking aside, this centre will truly make a difference to those who are suffering from cancer in the North Hants region.

I’ve lost too many people to cancer already. It isn’t all doom and gloom, I am fortunate that I can also say I know survivors of this horrible disease but currently the balance still swings too far the wrong way.

Since signing up to this challenge I have lost another two family members to cancer so if I can do anything to help, I will.

Having ridden to Paris and endured the recovery of that challenge, I can safely say that this is a totally new kettle of fish! I’ll do the hard work, in the hope that people will dig deep and give any change they can spare. Even if it is just £1 it could change the course of someone’s future!

You can donate to Steph’s cause here.