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Cancer Doesn’t Give A Damn!

Craig Killick

There are certain things in life that we think only ever happen to other people and although the UK sometimes seems pretty bad, in general, we’ve got it pretty good. But, as certain recent events have shown us, perhaps we’ve got a little too good at turning a blind eye to a lot of things in the background when it suits us, including each other.

It’s created divisions, fostered un-truths and makes the whole world seem a little uncertain right now.

Cancer though elegantly cuts through all that – it doesn’t have a blind eye and it sure don’t give a damn!

It does not care less if you are black, white, Christian, Muslim, man or woman.

It doesn’t care if you’ve been a good person or a bad person or whether you pay your taxes on time or not.

In some way, it’s as fair as fair can be with no discrimination…

Until it happens to you or someone you love.

If you are strolling through life, I really, really, really, hope it doesn’t hit you anytime in the future. But, when you think that every two minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer, it does make you wonder.

Luckily, there are some very clever people in the world who are doing their best to (a) beat the disease and (b) treat people living with it so they can get through it and lead a healthy life.

Next week we cycle to Paris. We will have fun, we will enjoy the experience and we will put into practice the months of training we have endured, including the cold mornings when it wasn’t so much fun.

We’ll raise lots of money – with your fabulous help – and we will feel proud of the tiny little dent we’ve made in helping bring a new world-class Cancer Centre to Basingstoke.

It won’t win us any brownie points with Cancer or get us a pass though, but then it’s not about us… it’s about all of us.

And that includes you.