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What Makes An Ark Rider?

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cycling challenge

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]cycling challengeIf you’ve been sitting on the fence thinking about signing up, wanting to make a difference but not sure if you’d fit in or be able to do it, then wonder no more as Kevin Croombs profiles the typical Ark Rider!

  • Must be up for a laugh. Whatever your age, sex or ability, the one constant all Ark Riders have is that they are hilarious. (At least we think we are!)
  • Top athletes! We are, pretty much without exception, not athletes. Maybe we represented some sort of sports team back in the day, but nowadays it’s more red wine and log burners than muddy boots and high fives on the pitch.
  • Ageless. Whatever the spread of ages (and it’s plentiful) the reality is we don’t think we’ve aged a day since those embarrassing school photos, despite some riders photos being taken in black and white.
  • All the gear and no idea? You don’t need an expensive bike and all the gear, why not join us on a practice ride and see how unprepared some of us really are! You may even pick up a second-hand bargain from one of the other riders.
  • Buns of steel. Yes, we like to think they are buns of steel, but we suspect it’s more likely cramp.
  • Special people. All Ark Riders are really special people. Whatever their personal reasons for stepping up and taking on the challenge, the theme is they want to make a difference. And we will. There are no corporate boards here, all money raised is going directly to the charity.

I’m sure you meet all of these criteria and if you don’t, well we can help. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and do something amazing this year, meet some new friends and re-live some of those fitter days.

Who knows what the future will hold for any of us, let’s enjoy it, and help make a difference for a very worthwhile cause.

There are payment plans available to help you spread the cost and we’ll help you raise money with marketing and promotional support.

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