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Friendly Cycling Groups in Basingstoke

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Ark Riders cycle ride in basingstoke

Ark Riders cycle ride in basingstoke I’ve always been put off joining a cycling club. Having cycled in a group many years ago, I realised that I didn’t want to stand around and talk about how much my gear set cost, and, I also hate slowing people down.

But, taking part in JOGLE last year, I got to enjoy going out for rides with other people of similar ability. It makes the distance go quicker and offers a much more pleasant experience.

In the past two weeks, I’ve come across two local cycling groups in Basingstoke, one of which Anna rode with last week, and one where a few guys came along on our first Ark Riders group ride of 2017 on a cold, wet and windy Sunday morning (see pic).


Breeze is a nationwide initiative to get more women cycling. From complete novices to ladies looking to get more experienced, a dedicated bunch of volunteers arrange group cycle rides for women in Basingstoke, learning how to ride on roads and introducing some of the lovely local routes outside of the town.

Hatch Warren Beggarwood Cycling Club

Although none of us have ridden with the group, three of their guys came out with us at the weekend. Although we were worried we’d hold them up, their ethos is about inclusivity and riders sticking together. (Ironically, we all got split up on Sunday so perhaps it’s a good ethos to have.)

They go out at weekends (alternate days) with three organised rides:

  • 30 miles @ 15mph
  • 20 miles @ 13mph
  • 15 miles @ 10mph

I have to say, I can’t tell you enough how friendly they were. So, if you’re looking to join a cycle club and have maybe been put off in the past like I have, check out the Hatch Warren Beggarwood Cycling Club website here.