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Local PR, CSR and Ahhhhh.

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In a world that seems intent on self-destruct at the highest level at the moment, you soon realise that when you switch off the news and stop looking at Twitter, life is still happening around you. Despite Trump, Brexit and “the banks”, you carry on doing what you can in your immediate surroundings to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Then, beyond the need to have the latest iPhone, or see the latest TV show on Netflix, we all understand there’s more to life, if for nothing other than to give yourself a fluffy feeling or a deeper sense of fulfilment.

Altruism is probably the wrong word these days. With charities tuning into the value of marketing and sales, it’s becoming harder and harder to get engagement on both sides of the fence in a world with a lot of noise.

Social Responsibility

That said, good people still make stuff happen for those that continue to need help and in more recent years many businesses are getting in on the act, integrating themselves into society to help make a difference.

Corporate Social Responsibility has evolved into a valuable tool for companies looking to show a fluffier side to their brand(s), and charities and social organisations get great benefits from “Charity of The Year” pledges and corporate donations.

That’s what we’re trying to do with Ark Riders in Basingstoke.

We are Basingstoke people, fully integrated into the town in one way or another on a business and social level. We value projects like Ark Cancer Centre Charity, all the while enjoying the benefits of the local rugby club or nightclub (there is an age-range difference in the group).

We don’t need to build a Trump-like wall around the town and offend anyone who’s not from Basingstoke, we just like (and can) do business with each other and help one another out.

Our rider team for Ark to Arc 2017 has local accountants, manufacturers, marketers, financial advisors and estate agents, to name just a few, all ready to maximise their involvement in the event to help promote themselves alongside the causes of Ark Cancer Centre Charity and Bike 4 Cancer.


Here’s a couple of facts:

  • Last years main sponsor got a contract worth over 10-times the amount he spent on the back of his support.
  • This year, one of our silver sponsors has already had two enquiries directly from his involvement in Ark to Arc.

More Riders Needed

I won’t beat around the bush, our big push at the moment is getting riders. It’s a big request, we know that. Investing at least £599 to take part, not to mention kit and fundraising on top. Personally, I’ve already started saving for a night out in Paris!

But, flip it as a business. How much leverage could you make from a rider taking part? Meeting the other riders (I like to call it networking), photos for your social media, and PR for your business. All branded with Ark Cancer Centre Charity and Bike 4 Cancer.

How great would it be for you, or a member or team from your business taking part with your backing? How could you use a ride to work scheme to encourage your staff to take part and earn more CSR points?

Feel free to share this message, or contact us to discuss options for riders coming from a business, or sign up now. We’ll be on hand to help with marketing and promotions.

In a time where companies are struggling with marketing, PR and brand, aligning yourself with Ark Riders during 2017 is a Campaign worth running… for the PR, the CSR and the Ahhhhhh…. that feels good.